Stay-at-Home Adult Children

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Stay-at-Home Adult Children

The number and percentage of adult children living at home continues to grow. In 2016, over one in three (34.7%) adult children aged 20 to 34 was living with their parents compared to 30.6 % in 2001.

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Townsend-Smith Foundation: Informal Discussion about Death and Dying

A Committee within Townsend Smith and volunteers have planned the Death Cafe to provide a comfortable venue to discuss wishes, questions, hopes, experiences with death and dying. Bryden’s Pub offers such a venue, and those attending can order a beverage along with snacks which we will provide.

Death Cafes are part of a global movement to bring people together to increase awareness about death with the purpose of promoting making the most of our lives. Often Hospices organize such a group during Palliative Care week. A respectful, relaxed environment is provided at the Cafe to encourage people attending to share their views related to death and dying and how it relates to their lives.This is not a grief or bereavement support group but a discussion about future wishes, questions and concerns. We have chosen autumn as Hallowe’en time is a sort of scary but celebratory time too. We hope this event will be useful and informative.

There will be a host/facilitator to guide us through the evening. All are welcome to share in this important discussion.


Drink tea. Eat cake.
Talk about death.

Thursday November 1st, 7-8:30 PM
Bryden’s Pub – Games Room
270 Main Street East, Milton

Join us for an informal group chat about the only certainty in life – death.

Sweets and light snacks will be provided
Drinks and food available to purchase

For more information, please see
or our website


Review of CARP Halton Seminar “Navigating the Healthcare System”

Seminar: “Navigating the Healthcare System”

CARP Halton Chapter ran this very interesting and important seminar in Oakville on Saturday September 15th, 2018 at the Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre.

Generally seniors are frequent users of the healthcare system and, for many, knowing where to go, what to take with you and what to expect when you get there can be both confusing and often daunting. This seminar provided insight into the progression from first visiting your family doctor (primary care provider) through to specialist referral and ultimately to the possibility of hospitalization. The seminar also discussed the things to think about as seniors progress from their own homes to retirement homes and possibly on the need for long term care.

A big thank you to those who attended our Seminar. Our speaker Mr. Gary Hepworth, gave a very informative presentation which covered subjects such as an overview of our health care system, inconsistencies with the availability of services, the importance of being prepared and educated prior to needing healthcare services, common misconceptions and most importantly, how to plan ahead for your future as we get older.

With so much information being discussed in such a short period of time many helpful handouts were available. You can see this information by clicking on the relevant links below:

Resources and Tips Handout – 2018 (2)

Emergency Vial Information Sheet (1) (1)

DoctorVisit (2)

Estate Administration Tax Ont (1)


Long-term care wait time reporting- EN – July 2018 (1)

MAID (1)

Palliative (1)

If you would like to know more you can visit Gary’s Hepworth & Associates website at www.hepworth.ca where you will find a valuable source of information and other resources for you in planning your own way to “age well”. Important to note is that Gary’s business provides free consultations to those considering their needs for personal advocacy and elder planning, and CARP members receive a 20% discount on any services beyond that free consultation.

Along with his website, Gary can be reached at either (416) 399-2673 or by email at gary@hepworth.ca

In addition to the main presentation Gary also provided a brief overview of:

The Elders’ Insight

This is a new information resource that Gary’s company began producing earlier this year which is available free of charge on his website www.hepworth.ca.

The Elders’ Insight is a podcast series of 30 minute interviews with leading experts on health, housing, legal, financial, lifestyle and family subjects, all related to “aging well”. These podcasts are very easy to use (just a click away) and are both informative and entertaining. As always, Gary’s is interested in other subjects you’d like to hear about in this podcast series, so feel free to reach out to him with your suggestions.


Gary also introduced his associate Jim Ellis who spoke about a new organization called The Rotary Dial Council.

The Rotary Dial Council

While it’s focus is on Information, Engagement and Influence, the latter focus gathered a lot of interest and attention from the group. Along with a very active website and social media that will provide daily news and entertainment that is appropriate for our demographic, it is vetted for any scams and other content that the internet can be riddled with. Specific to the “influence” focus, this organization uses weekly, very short, surveys of a few questions to its subscribers to gather data on the pulse, opinions, concerns and desires of this group. This data is summarized and used by its partner/affiliates in academia and research to drive the changes and desires we wish in healthcare, government policy, products, services…..those things that “no one seems to be asking our opinions about”.
The new organization launches November 1st but their website is now up and running at www.rotarydialcouncil.com and definitely worth a look. And for those that subscribe before that date, they receive their first six month subscription at no cost and with no obligations otherwise.

CARP Halton Chapter September Community Meetings in Milton and Burlington

With our summer break almost over CARP Halton Chapter is pleased to announce that our regular monthly meetings will be restarting at our usual Milton and Burlington venues beginning in September. Our Milton meetings will be held on the second Wednesday of each month at the Seniors Activity Centre, located at 500 Childs Drive, Milton. Our Burlington meetings will be held on the fourth Thursday of each month at the Burlington Seniors Centre located at 2285 New Street.

The main focus of our program for this coming year will be “Health Care” and as you will know from the announcement above we are beginning a little differently this year with our special Saturday morning presentation in Oakville.

We hope to follow this with presentations throughout the year on a variety of health care topics that are of vital importance to our seniors demographic. We will continue to announce our meetings through this newsletter. You can also find information about Chapter activities and other things that are of interest to seniors by visiting our website at   www.haltonseniorsadvocacygroup.ca

In order to accomplish our goals for the coming year we will need more help.

We would therefore like to discuss this openly with you and to get your ideas and input. Given that we have our major Seminar planned for September, our two regular September meetings will be less structured. We have planned ‘welcome back’ social evenings. We will have light entertainment throughout provided by Chapter favourite Martin Pangan.  Martin has been a regular at our social events and has a wide repertoire of well-known songs.  The main purpose of our meetings will be to allow for lots of time for open dialogue on how the Chapter can reach its objectives.

Our Milton meeting will be held on Wednesday September  12th and our Burlington meeting will be held on Thursday September 27th.

Please consider helping. You don’t have to be a board member to do so. Please feel free to chat with us at this meeting. You can of course contact us at any time either by email carphaltonchapter@gmail.com or by telephone at 905 319 7345.

Please join us at either Milton or Burlington as we get our 2018/2019 season underway. Everyone is welcome. We look forward to seeing you there.