Acclaim Health Wellness Services: Guided Meditation and Sacred Sound Journey – February 5th, 2024

Monday February 5th at 8pm
Guided Meditation and Sacred Sound Journey
Lois Reyes and Luisa Reyes are pleased to offer you this guided meditation and crystal bowl sacred sound journey. 
Whether you are experienced or new to meditation and sound healing, here are a few suggestions to make this journey more comfortable and to reap the most benefit.
· wear comfortable clothing
· headphones or earbuds are highly recommended for optimal sound experience
· you may sit or lay down during the event, just be comfortable
· pillows and yoga blocks are good to have but not necessary
· a blanket is good to have nearby; your body temperature may drop as you relax into a meditative state
· low light, incense and candles may be used to create a sense of enhanced tranquility
When the event concludes, it is recommended you be gentle with yourself for the balance of the evening and over the next couple of days. You may feel a little extra sensitive/ emotional – don’t worry, this is simply energy clearing out.
We hope this journey brings you peace and a sense of renewal.
A little bit about Lois and Luisa
Lois is certified in several modalities of energy healing and has combined these into a unique modality Angel Aura Healing which is a direct connection to the inner Divine within each of us. She has been leading guided meditation circles for 7 years and taps into universal unconditional love during her meditations.
Luisa grew up in a musical home and knew at a very young age the voice is her instrument. While studying sacred sound her true voice revealed itself through the channeling of heart songs from Spirit. She intuitively weaves her love of sacred song and sound with her affinity for sacred ceremony, combining her wisdom of the healing arts and her practices of meditation, yoga, mantra, writing and shamanism. Creating a unique blend of magic offered with deepest gratitude from her heart to yours.
Quartz crystal singing bowls have many health benefits and resonate deeply with the human bio field. The vibrational frequencies of the bowls re-calibrate the physical emotional and subtle energy bodies by bringing balance back to all systems on all levels, allowing one to experience more wholeness.
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For more information, please  contact:
Freedom Lee Wellness Care Manager/ Educator |Gerante de soins, Acclaim Health


(905) 827-8800 ext. 2330