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Sound Bath – April 18th

Sound bath meditations aim to guide you into a deep meditative state while you’re enveloped in ambient sound played by instructors using instruments such as crystal bowls.

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Guided Grounding – April 18th

Join our Wellness Care Manager, Ana, as she takes you on a Grounding Guided Meditation Journey using our senses, visualization, Reiki and Mother Earth. This meditation is useful for anxiety, depression and overall relaxation.

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M3 – Motivational Monday Meditation — Starts May 9th!

Join us Every Monday at 12:30pm for an empowering and energizing

20-minute meditation. Use mantras and affirmations to power up your week both personally and professionally. Starts May 9th!

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Whether you are experienced or new to meditation, here are a few suggestions to make this journey more comfortable and to reap the most benefit.

  • wear comfortable clothing
  • you may sit or lay down during the event, just be comfortable
  • pillows and yoga blocks are good to have but not necessary
  • a blanket is good to have nearby; your body temperature may drop as you relax into a meditative state
  • low light, incense and candles may be used to create a sense of enhanced tranquility

When the event concludes, it is recommended you be gentle with yourself for the balance of the evening and over the next couple of days. You may feel a little extra sensitive/ emotional – don’t worry, this is simply energy clearing out.

We hope this journey brings you peace and a sense of renewal.

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Wellness Consultations are Free! Take charge of your well-being. Ana will help you to develop a personal Self-Care Plan equipped with tailored coping strategies. Don’t struggle alone. We are here to help.

Yours in Wellness,

Ana Nunes Wellness Care Manager/ Educator

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For more information, please contact: Ana Nunes Wellness Care Manager/ Educator, Acclaim Health

(905) 827-8800 ext. 2330