ACE Special Lecture: Ontario’s LTC COVID19 Commission Report November 9th

COVID-19 disproportionality affected seniors and persons with disabilities during the pandemic, especially those in long-term care. The ongoing indignities and harm these vulnerable members of society have faced have been reprehensible and for the large part preventable.

Ontario’s Long-Term Care COVID-19 Commission brought to light the discrimination and institutional failures the senior population in LTC experience on a daily basis, and with deadly consequences. The Commission released a series of recommendations that require additional funding, legislative or regulatory amendments, and other supporting actions by government actors and long-term care homes. These recommendations plus the legislative changes we have already seen implemented during the pandemic bring significant changes to the Elder Law field of practice.

This Special Lecture will provide attendees with some of the important background information on a vulnerable section of society and the ongoing developments that affect them in elder law and senior’s human rights issues. The Lead Commissioner and elder- and public-law practitioners will address critical issues that were brought forward during the Commission’s investigation and subsequent report in an interactive and fast-paced discussion. We welcome Charles Harnick, QC, Board Chair, who’ll bringing greetings on behalf of Legal Aid Ontario.

Following the fireside chat with former Associate Chief Justice Frank N. Marrocco, ACE will host a panel discussion between:
Jane E. Meadus, Staff Lawyer & Institutional Advocate, ACE
Suzan Fraser, Public Law Lawyer, Fraser Advocacy
Dee Tripp, Executive Director, Ontario Association of Residents’ Councils (OARC)

*LSO CPD Accreditation Pending