CanAge: Get the Facts About Dementia

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Dementia Resources:

As the average age of our population increases at a rapid pace, so is the rate of dementia.

In fact, the number of people living with dementia is expected to double in the coming years, making it more important than ever that people know what dementia is (and isn’t), how to prevent it and how to care for someone experiencing memory loss and other symptoms.

Over the coming months, we’re releasing a series of useful resources to educate people on key topics surrounding dementia, and break down the stigma surrounding this increasingly common group of disorders.

The first resource is available for download now by clicking this link. ‘What is Dementia?’,  

Learn the basic facts about dementia, including:

  • What dementia is and the different types
  • The symptoms
  • How COVID-19 affects dementia
  • The cost of dementia care on our health care system
  • What CanAge is doing about it