CNIB: Accessible Insulin Pumps Campaign

The following is quoted from the CNIB website:
Did you know that diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of sight loss in working-age adults, and the fourth leading cause of blindness in Canada?
Despite the strong connection between diabetes and sight loss, there isn’t an accessible insulin pump available on the market today. In fact, insulin pumps have become less, instead of more, accessible as technology has advanced. Imagine your insulin pump alarm going off and not being able to read the screen to tell you if your battery just needs changing, or your health is at risk.
Many people living with sight loss and diabetes are using outdated insulin pumps that have been discontinued for years, but they’re afraid of the new pumps because they’re even less accessible.
Insulin pump manufacturers must prioritize designing pumps using universal design features. Without accessible devices, the health and safety of Canadians living with sight loss and diabetes will remain at risk. We have been speaking with manufacturers about making insulin pumps more accessible, but we know we need strong government regulation to see real action.
This Diabetes Awareness Month, help us end inequalities in our healthcare system by calling on the federal government to ensure insulin pumps entering the market are fully accessible – and provide a timeline for implementation.
Do you have a couple of minutes today to write to your MP using our convenient template letter, so they can urge Health Canada to create equal access to health care devices for all?
Thank you for your support,
-The CNIB Advocacy Team