Cyber-Seniors: C.A.R.P. Halton Chapter ZOOM Meeting Review

For our Chapter virtual community meeting via the Zoom platform in October we had a very informative discussion with Nancy Siciliana of Cyber-Seniors. Nancy has a degree in Adult Education and is a long-time volunteer in Adult Literacy.  She is aware that many seniors want to learn about technology and to develop the skills that will enable them to take full advantage of the numerous devises and platforms that are now available.  Nancy explained how Cyber-Seniors have a whole range of resources available to help seniors with any of their technology learning needs.

Cyber-Seniors’ mission is “to bridge the digital divide and connect generations through technology”. They have resources available that provide anything from one-on-one training to resources that enable community organizations to provide technology training to seniors using an intergenerational youth volunteer model. Their technology training model is very flexible and their programs can be delivered in various forms from a structured classroom environment to one-on-one training delivered by a young person for a senior.

Cyber-Seniors also have weekly webinars covering a wide range of subjects. Information about these webinars is published in their weekly newsletter. If you would like to receive these newsletters you can click HERE to sign up.

Young people wishing to become mentors are required to complete the Cyber-Seniors Mentor Training program and earn a completion certificate prior to volunteering.

Once this has been completed they can become mentors. Typically technology mentors and seniors work together and have access to the many resources to meet their technology learning needs

Nancy also mentioned that as seniors become more familiar with technology some may also wish to pass on their knowledge to others and can become senior mentors.

Halton Chapter thanks Nancy for her very informative discussion.  You can find all the information about Cyber-Seniors on their website by clicking this LINK.

Nancy also provided several informational flyers. Please click on these links for more information.  

General information and contact details.

FREE Technology Training during this pandemic

FREE: Webinars and Tech Support

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