Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario Webinar: Medical Assistance in Dying – Impacts on Patients and Families October 19th

At EAPO, we hear from community partners, seniors’ groups, their families and caregivers, wanting to understand MAiD (including how to access it), the impact the recent changes to the legislation will have, and what safeguards are in place to protect vulnerable persons.

There has been extensive media coverage as well as numerous reports written about this subject, yet there are still a great many unknowns and service professionals and public serving agencies alike, are requesting more information about MAiD.

EAPO is hosting this webinar to help inform individuals about MAiD, to provide information and links to community resources available to patients and families, and to help understand legal requirements and potential options. The session will provide participants with a forum to ask questions.

We are pleased to have among our speakers: a practitioner in the field, Julie Campbell, NP Lead, Nurse Practitioner and MAID Assessor and Provider, and Jocelyn Downie, University Research Professor in the Faculties of Law and Medicine at Dalhousie University to provide clinical and legal perspectives on the matter. Joining them will be

Mr. Al Gretzky who will share his wife Marylin’s story, of choice and love and his experience speaking to the Senate of Canada as Bill C-7 was debated.

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