Halton Police: Frauds & Scams Webinar – April 6th

A virtual presentation on Fraud & Scam By Halton Regional Police Services Officer Hardy Singh April 6th, 2023 from 7 pm to 8 pm

Milton has seen some unprecedented events in recent memory that has shook the core of its and surrounding residents. The type of crimes in Halton region has everyone shaking their heads in these sleepy, peaceful bedroom communities. We thought this would not happen in the Milton/Halton region. Guess what ? It did and made us afraid of the “boogey man”. We are now looking over our shoulders when we come out of the stores as we approach our car. What has the world come to ? Another thing to worry about. As if the daily barrage of fraud and scam calls from slick low lives targeting especially our seniors and the untimely knocks on our doors sending the chills up our spine was not enough.

Well, I feel much relieved when I hear about Halton Regional Police Services (HRPS) and their efforts to keep us all safe. We have heard about their speedy rounding up of the recent carjackers amongst other seamless and silent work HRPS does for our communities to keep us safe.

One of the Halton Regional Police Services veteran of 13 years, dedicated to the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion unit is Officer Hardy Singh. You may see him at various schools promoting safety programs and the just environment to young minds. 

Our presenter on the topic of Fraud & Safety, including and not limited to, Personal safety and preventions from carjackers is our local hero and our friend Officer Hardy Singh of HRPS. He will speak on these important topics that are on everyone’s mind these days. So, gather your young and seniors to see this presentation in the comfort of your home and let us do our part to be safe and know ways to avoid risky situations.

Please connect with us to take advantage of this important event on April 6th starting at 7 pm.

Zoom: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/9868635420?pwd=REM1ejU5N3B4a1Bjd3VjaDJvWHNLUT09

Meeting ID: 986 863 5420 Passcode: 4AUi8P