Halton Region Public Health: Vaccine Second Doses

This is a message from Halton Region Public Health to provide you with an update on the COVID-19 vaccine rollout in Halton region and about a change in the format of the COVID-19 vaccine clinics.

Province accelerating the rollout of second doses

Recently, the Province announced a plan to accelerate the rollout of second dose appointments starting with individuals 80 years and older.

We are happy to share that starting Wednesday, June 2, Halton residents who are 80 years of age and older (born in or before 1941) have the option to reschedule their second dose appointment to a shortened interval (subject to appointment availability and vaccine supply) through Halton Region’s online booking system. Those 80 years of age and older may also be able to book their second dose appointment through a participating pharmacy, but should call the pharmacy ahead to confirm availability and eligibility.

It is a personal decision to reschedule a second dose appointment to a shorter interval. Here are some considerations that may help older adults make the decision:

  • Everyone should receive a second dose to complete the vaccine series and get maximum protection from developing COVID-19 symptoms, severe illness and death.
  • Older adults can keep their originally scheduled second dose appointment. The appointment will only be changed if they choose to reschedule. Currently the earliest appointments available to reschedule to are in mid-June.
  • The interval between vaccine doses can be as short as 28 days or at an extended interval of 16 weeks. At this time, there is no data about what the maximum interval between doses should be.
  • Accelerating second doses will provide more protection to Ontarians sooner. The vaccine roll-out continues to provide first doses to eligible populations. Rescheduling your second dose appointment does not take away vaccines from others. All eligible Ontarians will be offered a vaccine.

How to reschedule a second dose appointment

  1. Visit Halton Region’s online booking system to reschedule an appointment online.
  2. Click on “View/confirm, reschedule or cancel appointment” in the blue banner. To access the vaccine appointment booking form, you will need to use the latest version of Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Microsoft Edge (Windows 10 only).
  3. Enter the confirmation number from the first appointment and date of birth (DOB) or enter the last name, DOB and postal code and click “Next”.
  4. An email will automatically be sent to the original email address provided when booking the first appointment with directions on how to reschedule the second dose appointment.

Residents who do not have an email address or require assistance in rescheduling can call 311.

Helping those 80 and over to reschedule an appointment

Some older adults may find it challenging to reschedule an appointment online; therefore, we are seeking support from community organizations to help their members. Rescheduling online is the fastest and easiest way to change an appointment. Please ensure that you receive the older adult’s permission before helping them with the process, as they may have to share personal health information.

Residents who cannot reschedule online can call 311 to receive help from a customer service representative. Please note that there may be a wait to speak to a customer service representative.

Supporting older adults with transportation

Some older adults may require transportation supports to attend their second dose appointment. If a resident is unable to arrange a ride with a friend, family member or a transportation service provider, please have them call 311 to request assistance.

Please also consider how your organization can help community members attend their appointments. If providing transportation, it is important that proper infection prevention and control measures are practiced by anyone who provides transportation to someone who is not part of their household. For more information on safely travelling in a car with those outside of their household, please refer to COVID-19 Public Health Guidelines: Car Travel.

Change in vaccine clinic format

Second dose appointments at Halton Region COVID-19 vaccine clinics may look different than first dose appointments. We have modified our clinic format to maximize the number of residents receiving vaccines while maintaining safety measures. This process will include less time spent with the immunizer to improve efficiency and to allow the delivery of more vaccines to more residents. In addition to less time with the Immunizer, in some clinics, the layout of the clinic will change. Clients will be seated in a ‘pod’ (small cubicle structure) where they will receive their vaccination and then remain seated for 15 minutes to recover.

The new format means more people will be present at the clinic and as a result, we ask that you only bring one caregiver to assist you (as required).

Supporting Communications to older adults

We ask that you please share these messages with members of your organization and community.

Directing questions

Thank you for your support. If you have any questions, please email accesshalton@halton.ca.