Long Term Care Awareness Event: Oct 4th

Supported by CFUW Oakville and AWH

  • Wear mauve and black
  • Make a poster/sign
  • Social distancing and masks in effect

You can contact us about the event here cfuwoakville.ca/contact 

Updates: https://cfuwoakville.ca/event/long-term-care-media-event-cross-ontario-local-events/?instance_id=1979562

Suggested Sign Slogans

  • Rise up for LTC
  • Reject Neglect
  • Care over Profit
  • More Staff – More Care
  • 4 hours Care
  • Care Can’t Wait
  • Enforce Regulations

Details about simultaneous Queens Park Media Event & Cross-Ontario Events Here  Ontariohealthcoalition.ca-Cross-OntarioLTC

Ontario Health Coalition Facebook:   facebook.com/ontariohealth