McMaster Optimal Aging: Health and Wellness Webinar January 18th, 2023

The following is quoted from the  the website for the McMaster Optimal Aging Portal

Imagine a pill that reduced the risk and improved prognosis for all known chronic diseases; it would work regardless of current risk, race, gender, or age. We don’t need to test this pill as a large body of data shows its effectiveness. Other beneficial side effects of this pill include reduced anxiety, depression, and improved sleep. Such a pill would be the world’s most widely prescribed medication. Sadly, there is no such pill. However, all these benefits come with greater participation in physical activity, defined as anything that makes our muscles burn more energy. Alternatively, perhaps even better, when we exercise: the purposeful practice of activity to gain/maintain fitness or strength. In this webinar, you’ll learn about how much (or how little) people have to do to improve their odds of living longer, healthier and better lives.

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