Participate in Research on Caregiver Issues

Would you like to participate in research on caregiver issues? We invite caregivers of persons with dementia to participate in research studies conducted by Baycrest and McMaster University, School of Rehabilitation Science.
Baycrest is developing an educational tool to help students, healthcare providers and caregivers identify and modify environmental factors that may contribute to responsive behaviours. Caregivers can provide input on potential triggers in the living space of a person with dementia. Click here – Baycrest Virtual Trigger Room Study. For more details, contact Jahnel Brookes, Research Assistant,
The study by the Aging Swallow Research Lab at McMaster University focuses on understanding swallowing-related caregiver burden in caregivers of persons with dementia. Click here for McMaster Swallow Study. Contact for further details.
Participation is voluntary and you can withdraw at any time.

For more information, please contact:

Vinitha Nair
Caregiver Educator, Acclaim Health
(905) 847-9559 ext. 2411