Pharmacare for All – Why Not?

Please join the Halton Chapter of the Council of Canadians on Monday March 5, 2018 from 7-9PM, for a town hall meeting called “PharmaCare for All – Why Not?” at the Art Gallery of Burlington, 1333 Lakeshore Road in Burlington. The event is free. Everyone is welcome. Parking in the streets nearby is free after 6PM. Parking at the AGB is free after 7PM.

Most Canadians support our Universal Health Care system for good reasons. Our Health Care system covers almost every health problem. Unfortunately, Canada is the only developed country with Universal Health Care that does not also have Universal Pharmacare coverage.

The Council of Canadians prescribes Universal Pharamcare as a remedy to Pharmacare inequity and excessive costs.

Keynote speakers Maude Barlow, Honorary Chair of the Council of Canadians and Professor Emeritus Brian Hutchinson of the Center for Health Economics and Policy Analysis at McMaster will explain the benefits of Universal Pharmacare and how it can be implemented economically.
Afterwards, the keynote speakers and a panel of experts including a pharmacist, retirement benefits consultant and health care professional will engage in a lively town hall question and answer session.