Physiotherapy App for Knee and Hip Replacement-Curovate

Physiotherapy App for Knee and Hip Replacement – Curovate

 C.A.R.P. National have partnered with an innovative new support for people recovering from knee and hip replacement surgery. This should be a great resource to our members to help with rehabilitation following knee or hip replacement surgery.

Physiotherapy videos and measurements using your smartphone on an app.

Check out the video in the link below and see how the app works.

Following a knee replacement or hip replacement, about 80% of people do not complete their rehabilitation to return to an active life.

This results in increased use of pain medication, lower quality of life, reduced physical activity, and additional cost to the person and the health care system. Curovate provides everyone with a simple-to-use mobile app that includes:

  1. Daily video-guided exercises
  2. Chat with a physiotherapist through the app
  3. Video physiotherapy sessions to help with your recovery
  4. Progress tracking
  5. The ability to measure knee and hip movements with your phone

Please click HERE for more information and details on how C.A.R.P. members can claim this benefit.