Regional Learning Centre: Find out about caregiver supports available to you! August 17th

Tips for Caregivers to Safely Assist with Mobility and Navigate Change
Does your care recipient need help getting up from a chair or transitioning from place to place? Is this task new and difficult for you? Is this something that you may be struggling with? Sometimes moving and providing physical support to your care recipient can be challenging. Caregivers may not realize that they can risk their own physical health while doing their best to negotiate these new tasks. Join us to learn more about:
  • Acknowledging the emotional challenges that accompany this part of the role
  • Tips for moving your care recipient safely
  • A discussion on in-home safety devices that could support you
  • Lived caregivers’ experiences
Our speaker: Taryn Bolt is a Senior Manager and registered Occupational Therapist at the Mississauga Halton Regional Learning Centre. Taryn brings over a decade of educational and clinical experience in community healthcare to her current role. 
Who should attend this event? Caregivers who want to learn more about safe moving and handling of care recipients.
Thursday, August 17th from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
This session will be held via Zoom.