Seminar: Career Redirection for Older Workers

The following is an invite to all C.A.R.P chapter members:

Dear CARP Chapters:

We are writing to invite seniors to register to listen to the Hon. Raymond Cho, the provinces’ Minister for Seniors and Accessibility (MSAA), and to receive FREE skills development seminars/workshops for older workers and business owners over 50+ seminars over Zoom on Wednesday November 5, 2020 at 6:30PM.

The event is sponsored by both by federal/provincial governments’ New Horizons for Seniors (NHS); and the Seniors Community Grant (SCG) and will be offered on the Zoom platform free of charge to older workers, struggling older small business owners, and those looking for a path to self-employment during COVID-19.  The following free seminars/workshops will be available for those who register: 

 Dr. Suzanne L. Cook  

Gerontologist, Professor and founder Carpe Vitam,  

“Redirection: Shifting gears in the second half of life.”  

  • Dr. Cook studies later-life career development, including second careers and volunteer work. She will be providing a seminar on career redirection as an alternative to retirement for those impacted by COVID-19.  

Dale Blakely   

  • Dale is a Business Development Coordinator at Community Innovation Labs, which runs a project designed to teach people age 55+ who want to explore entrepreneurship as a second career. He will provide advice for older workers and business owners impacted by COVID-19.


To register for this event please e-mail us at

We have attached a e-flyer with detailed instructions for seniors on how to participate.

Thank you for helping us spread the word to older workers and older business owners impacted by COVID-19.

Thank you

Bayview Cummer Neighbourhood Association