The Time for Universal Pharmacare is NOW

Halton Pharmacare Coalition
The Time for Universal Pharmacare is NOW
Dear Resident of Halton, with your help we can make this happen

Pharmacare means being able to access prescribed medicines without paying any fees when you hand over your prescription to a pharmacist.

This is important because Canadians pay more for their medicines than other people in most other wealthy countries and particularly because 10% of Canadians who are without private insurance, government assistance or who are dependent on government pensions, cannot afford their medicines on a regular basis. This results in more visits to doctors, stays in hospital and lost days of work which is costly to everybody

Pharmacare also has benefits for our provinces and our businesses because it will mean that the federal or the provincial government will be able to negotiate buying drugs from pharmaceutical companies at lower prices, which, of course, means a saving in costs to all concerned.

This is the improvement to health care that the current Federal Government is proposing: making medicines available according to the same ‘universal, one payer, free at point of access’ principles of the Canada Health Act that govern our access to doctors and hospitals for all Canadian citizens and legal residents.

But, and it is a big ‘But’, the pharmaceutical and private health insurance companies are opposed to this improvement in our health care. This is because such a development will decrease their enormous profits. These industries are very wealthy and very powerful and are willing, and determined, to dilute the Federal Government’s proposal as much as possible. Consequently the government appointed Implementation Committee, composed of representatives from government, business and health providers, is making slow progress and will not report on its recommendations by the original date.

The Halton chapters of CARP and The Council of Canadians, along with the endorsement of the Ontario Health Coalition, along with the other organizations whose logos are displayed, believe it is time for the public to make its voice heard. So we want you to do two things. The first is to attend a public meeting on Pharmacare that is going to be held at the Galaxy Hall at 7:00pm on Tuesday April 2nd, 475 North Service Road, Oakville L6H 1A5. Natalie Mehra, the Executive Director of “The Ontario Health Coalition” will be the keynote speaker along with other representatives of endorsing organizations.

Second we want you to send the following letter to your MP and MPP, whose contact details are listed below and indicate your support for universal, one payer, free at point of access Pharmacare, making prescribed medicines available under the same conditions as going to your doctor or the hospital.

We are also encouraging you to add, as a postscript, any experience you have had or that you know someone else has had, when they were not able to access, or regularly take, their needed medications because they didn’t have the money to do so.

It’s time for the public to make their voice heard.

The Halton Pharmacare Coalition

Please CLICK HERE to download the following letter and send it to your MP/MPP.

Dear “MP/MPP’s name”

As a voter in your Riding I want you to strongly support the introduction of Pharmacare as a health care service provided according to the terms of the Canada Health Act. That is, Pharmacare should be available to all Canadian citizens and legal residents, paid for by government financing and requiring no payment for prescribed medicines at a pharmacy.

We believe that Pharmacare with these characteristics should mean receiving medicines in the same manner as we now receive care from our doctors and hospitals. It should be simple to understand and use and save money for patients, other health services, businesses and governments.

Above all it will improve the health, quality of life and prosperity of all our people and prevent any of them remaining ill and inactive because they cannot afford the medicines they need.

Please add your personal experiences here.


Ridings: MPs:  email addresses

Burlington: Karina Gould:

Wellington – Halton Hills: Michael Chong:

Milton: Lisa Raitt:

Oakville-North Burlington: Pam Damoff:

Oakville: John Oliver:

Ridings: MPPs: email addresses

Burlington: Jane McKenna:

Wellington-Halton Hills: Ted Arnott:

Milton: Pam Gill:

OakvilleNorth-Burlington: Effie Triantafilopoulos:

Oakville: Stephen Crawford: