“When will we have a Hospice in North Halton?”

The following letter from the Townsend Smith Foundation to C.A.R.P. Halton Chapter explains the process and the challenges that must be overcome as they work to establish a much needed hospice in North Halton. For more information please visit www.townsend-smith.ca

“When will we have a hospice in North Halton?”

From: Astrid Lakats, Chair, Townsend Smith Foundation

To: Tom Carrothers, Chair, CARP Halton Chapter

CARP Halton members have been staunch supporters of Townsend Smith Foundation (TSF) in our quest to bring a hospice residence to North Halton. TSF has been working for twelve years to provide this much-needed facility, and we are grateful to be asked “Where is Townsend Smith Foundation at? When will we have a hospice?”.

As you know, TSF has been actively sourcing locations on which to build. We have moved much closer to having at least one location, but there are always hurdles to be worked through. If this land can be secured, the TSF board and its many volunteers will look at the next steps and shift our focus to launching a formal building capital campaign.

Residents of a hospice in Ontario do not pay for hospice services. Hospice is funded partly by the government but also through philanthropic giving and fundraising. The Ontario government would provide approximately $1.4 million towards building a hospice, but funds can only be accessed from the Ministry of Health after we have raised money that matches this amount, and  have acquired a suitable property.

Actually constructing a hospice will require several more millions of dollars. Once the hospice itself is built, the government will fund approximately 50% of the annual operating costs. We, as a community, need to bridge the annual funding gap to ensure that the hospice is adequately funded going forward – which requires more fundraising.

This is why we say that it takes a community with heart to build a hospice. TSF has enjoyed incredible generosity within North Halton and has raised more than $1 million in the last 18 months. With donations from individuals, corporations, service clubs, foundations and through special events, we move closer to building a hospice for North Halton.