FCO: Calling all Caregivers! The Long-Term Care Trilogy

We are seeking family caregivers and family council members to participate in The Long-Term Care Trilogy as performers, panelists, and audience members. We are seeking passionate participants, not professional performers!

This coming October 26 – 28, Theater of War Productions, in collaboration with the Toronto International Festival of AuthorsFamily Councils Ontario, and Writers Collective of Canada, will present The Long-Term Care Trilogy. This series of free, interconnected, hybrid events will mobilize prominent actors, public figures, and community members to perform readings of plays by Sophocles and Shakespeare as a catalyst for engaging large, diverse audiences—both in-person and on Zoom—in crucial conversations about the challenges of caregiving for those our society has marginalized and left behind. Sign up to participate and share your insights on caregiving with a national audience.

The Long-Term Care Trilogy will be broadcast live out of the Tranzac, an arts organization, in Toronto, in front of a small, in-person audience. Using performances of ancient and Elizabethan plays to join diverse audiences in dialogue, the project will bring together participants at Tranzac, on their personal devices, and at “ground sites” throughout Ontario linked to long-term care homes.

Participation can be virtual or in-person at one of the participating “ground sites”

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