Ontario Health Regulators

Three things you can find with Ontario Health Regulators

Ontario Health Regulators is made up of the 26 colleges that regulate over 400,000 health professionals in the province. While called “colleges”, these organizations are not schools. They are regulatory bodies that help ensure Ontarians have access to competent, safe and ethical care.

Ontario Health Regulators maintains a website that acts as a gateway to all regulated health professions. Here are three things you can find on ontariohealthregulators.ca

  1. All colleges’ online listings of professionals, known as the public register. Sometimes it will be called “Find a…” or “Search for a…”.
  2. Links to all colleges’ complaints process so that you can learn how to submit a concern about a regulated health professional.
  3. Ways to provide your feedback on policies, guidelines and documents that help protect you.

Watch this short video to learn how Ontario Health Regulators support safe healthcare and visit www.ontariohealthregulators.ca to learn more: