The Crisis in Long Term Care

The following is quoted from the Seniors for Social Action Ontario.
Below are articles on the continuing issues in long-term care that highlight once again the need for changes in elder care.

1. This story by Global News is particularly telling.

“Despite repeated recommendations made to the facility to use the 4th floor for cohorting, effective cohorting did not begin until December 17, 2020, when the new leadership at Tendercare was brought in,” read the email from Toronto Public Health. And while Extendicare has claimed repeatedly that cohorting efforts were “guided” by TPH, the emails from TPH suggest the home was reluctant to accept infection prevention advice.”

2. Over 70 residents also died at Orchard Villa, a Southbridge facility managed at the time by Extendicare Assist. Families called for a police investigation but none occurred in spite of a damning military report. The Durham Medical Officer of Health issued an order for Lakeridge Health “to lead enhanced monitoring, investigating, and responding to COVID-19 outbreak and providing care for residents”.

3. Ottawa’s Medical Officer of Health also ordered hospital management of two Extendicare facilities there.

4. Extendicare was prosecuted for less by the U.S. Department of Justice in 2014

Despite the above issues, SSAO is not aware of any police investigation in Ontario or Canada into long-term care facilities.
Kay Wigle
Seniors for Social Action Ontario