New: Free Benefit for Ontario CARP Members – Introducing our “Healthy Aging” program.

Extraordinary New Benefit for CARP Members

Introducing a new free Benefit for Ontario CARP Members

We are delighted to introduce our “Healthy Aging” program.

As a valued member of CARP in Ontario, and with the support of the federal New Horizon’s Program funding, you’re eligible for free enrollment! (>$200 value)

For the next 12 months you’re invited to take advantage of a complimentary service that we hope will stimulate your physical, creative and social spirits – something that COVID-19 may have suppressed for the last several years. We will bring a variety of fitness, creativity, and social content into your homes through our “live” virtual classroom offering, via Zoom.

 Topics will range from nutrition, fitness, yoga, Pilates, painting, cooking, music, poetry, crafts, gardening, and art. New topics are added on a regular basis to ensure that you remain engaged in the program.

You’ll have free access to at least two sessions per day, five days each week, for an entire year! Join just one, or join them all, it’s your choice. If you can’t attend the live sessions, all sessions are recorded and maintained in a robust library where you can watch any of the past sessions at your leisure. All topics will be delivered live, in “real-time” by trained instructors, via Zoom.

We have partnered with Art Your Service to leverage their proven content and team of professional instructors.

It’s easy to register and simple to use. And remember, there’s no cost or obligation. This is an exclusive offer – only available to CARP Ontario members.

Program funded by a Federal Grant

Our Healthy Aging program is made possible with the assistance of a federal grant under the New Horizons for Seniors Program (NHFS). This program was designed to provide funding to community-based organizations that develop projects that make a difference in the lives of seniors. The Scarborough, Ontario Chapter of CARP received an initial grant in 2022 and piloted the service to its members and some of the Chapters in Ontario. Based on the success of this pilot, CARP National partnered with our Scarborough Chapter to deliver the program Ontario-wide, with the support of New Horizons.

“Healthy Aging – Living a Happy and Active Life”

CARP believes that we can make a difference by helping our members gain access to a series of fun, interactive and educational daily virtual classroom sessions, in the safety and comfort of their homes. The pandemic has been hard on everyone, especially seniors – minimal physical activity, lack of creative stimulation and limited social interaction. Our Healthy Aging benefit will be one step towards restoring normalcy into our lives.

Art Your Service (AYS) – a proven model

We’ve partnered with AYS, a professional organization with proven content, expertise, and a great reputation. AYS is the brainchild of Jen Tindall, an experienced arts professional and entrepreneur. Jen saw an urgent need to deliver an innovative, easy-to-use virtual solution that could help seniors cope with the loneliness and isolation of the pandemic. 

How to join in the Healthy-Aging Fun

Registering is easy. Simply input your name, email address, into the attached link  and that’s it. 

Sign-up HERE

There’s no cost or obligation. Just register with the link above and you’ll get the invitations to join live classes, or you can tune into a pre-recorded class on your own schedule.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive an introductory email from Jen, welcoming you to the program.

Check your inbox for twice daily emails from AYS outlining that day’s programs, complete with easy-to-use links that will take you directly to the Zoom meeting.

If you have any questions about the AYS offering, please send to Jen Tindall at [email protected].


Please register and enjoy the program!