Ontario Tick Season !!!


Here in southern Ontario, when is it not tick season? Ticks can be active in temperatures above 3C. That pretty much means nearly all year around in this area, so it is best to be tick aware throughout the year. The following are some preventative measures to keep in mind while hiking in areas that are prone to having ticks:

  1. Wear light-coloured long pants and long sleeves, so the ticks are more visible.
  2. Tuck your pants into your socks like a pro-hiker.
  3. Wear a brimmed hat to keep them off your head and out of your hair.
  4. Keep your backpack off the ground and hang it on a tree branch if possible.
  5. Hike down the centre of the trail and away from tall grasses where they “quest” and can easily hitch a ride if you brush up against the grass.
  6. Consider using insect repellant that works against ticks.
  7. Clothing, that has been treated with permethrin, works to repel ticks and other bugs but will wane over time with repeated washings.
  8. Know your ticks. Some black-legged ticks carry Lyme and are known to be in areas frequented by deer. Dog ticks do not. Lone Star ticks have been reported in Ontario.
  9. Know how to remove the tick, save the tick, and report the tick if need be.
  10. Do a thorough check when returning from a hike including dogs.