Students Helping Seniors: FREE Remote Technology Support

If you need help with technology this local group is ready to help.

Matt McCoy, who is a recent University of Guelph graduate, and a group of his friends started a project called Student Helpers. They help seniors get answers to their technology questions, by connecting them to a student volunteer remotely and safely.

They have created a hotline for seniors to call when they are stuck on a technology question: 1-833-989-TALK (8255). It’s free and available anytime. They also have a website:
The following is quoted from their website

Students Helping Seniors.

We offer remote technology support for seniors, for free!

Student Helpers is a free hotline for seniors to call when they have day-to-day technology questions. We are a student-run non-profit initiative with over 100 eager student volunteers ready to answer the phone and help seniors at any time.

We have over 100 student volunteers ready to help seniors get answers to their day-to-day tech questions.

C.A.R.P. Halton Chapter is making this information available as a service to our members. Contact with them is solely at the discretion of the person seeking help.  C.A.R.P. Halton Chapter takes no responsibility for Student Helpers personnel nor for the help they provide. If you do contact them care should be taken to provide no personal information that could be used in a fraudulent manner. The only information that they will require is a name and a contact telephone number.